Tom Gleissner - Project Manager - ​Over 40 years in the construction and maintenance fields.  Tom has run his own construction company and worked for others always maintaining a high standard of quality and providing work on time for the right price.

​Chris Gleissner - Project Integrator - ​New to the field Chris is the spearhead to our organization.  He is leading our new fire division and is on the ground making sure your installations go smoothly.  He is also state certified in Fire Alarm installation and inspection.

​​​Card Technologies and Services


We are a Lancaster Ohio based family owned company.  With three generations of family and experience ranging from construction to information technology also security and life safety then throw in being on the cutting edge of technology.  We can see your project from every angle.  Finding you the best solution for you and your business to move forward in a secure and stable way.

​Andy Gleissner - President - ​Over 20 years in information technology and 15 years in the security and life safety fields.  Andy has worked for the government securing different facilities including jails and courtrooms.  Andy is Fire certified by the state of Ohio and from the ground up will make sure you get exactly what you need every time.